All Messages Widget

This app has been removed from the play store. Unfortunetely there have been many API changes since it was released and an update seems unlikely. The good news is that it still kinda works. So you can download the APK and install it yourself. You'll need to allow the installation of third party apps. You may also need to allow restricted settings for notification access. (Android 13+).

All your social messages in one place; text messages (SMS), Facebook Messenger*, Google Hangouts*, WhatsApp*, Viber*, WeChat*, Skype, even your call log. It's all right on your home screen. Plus, you can personalize the widget with your own color and style. Note that the social messages have a 10 day trial, after which a minimal in-app purchase is required.

Do your friends all use different messaging apps? It's impossible to get everyone on the same one; now you don't have to. With the "All Messages Widget" you have a list of all your communication, no matter what app they're using. Your most recent messages are on your home screen giving you quick access to review and respond to all your conversions.

This widget combines all these message types into one widget. You can also get each type of message in a separate widget with our other apps:

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  • Note: Because Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, WeChat, and Skype do not provide access to their messages, this widget works by reading your notifications. This means that only messages received after the widget is added to your home screen will be shown. It also means that this widget requires permission to read your notifications.

  • "Facebook Messenger" is a registered trademarks of Facebook.
  • "Google Hangouts" is a registered trademark of Google.
  • "WhatsApp" is a registered trademark of WhatsApp inc.
  • "Viber" is a registered trademark of Viber Media S.à r.l.
  • "WeChat" is a registered trademark of Tencent Inc.
  • "Skype" is a registered trademark of Skype and/or Microsoft
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