Electrical Calc

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Electrical Calc provides all the calculations you need for your electrical and electronic work. Whether you're an electrician, an electrical engineer, or a student, Electrical Calc can calculate the numbers you need fast, so you can get back to work. Built for speed and customization.

Change units instantly - No need to search the settings, just touch the unit label and select your new unit.

Customize your calculation sets - Make groups of calculations so you always have exactly the calculations you need.

Cloud backup and sync across devices - Select a Google account and all your calculation sets will be saved to the cloud (using your Google Drive). Start working on one device, finish on another.

Available calculations -

  • Battery Life
  • Capacitor Charge
  • Capacitor Codes
  • Capacitor Energy
  • Capacitors in Parallel
  • Capacitors in Series
  • Current Density
  • Ideal Transformer
  • L-C Resonance
  • LED Resistor
  • Ohms Law (AC)
  • Ohms Law (DC)
  • Power Factor - Single Phase
  • Power Factor - Three-Phase
  • Reactance
  • Real Power to Apparent Power
  • Resistor Color Bands
  • Resistors in Parallel
  • Resistors in Series
  • Voltage Divider
  • Wheatstone Bridge
  • Wheatstone Bridge (unbalanced)
  • Wire Gauge
  • Wire Resistance
  • Wire Resistivity
  • Y-Δ Transform