All Messages Widget 4.0

New features! We’ve fixed a few bugs, but mostly we’ve added two new features.

With the number of settings in this widget, it has become quite time consuming to get the look and feel just right. With that in mind we’ve finally implemented a Save/Restore settings feature. You can now export your widget setting to an XML file which can be later used to restore your settings.

The second new feature is a way to style to the widget’s settings and refresh buttons. Not too long ago we changed the styling of these button to be rectangular and included the text on the buttons. Many of us here felt they looked better before when they were just circular icons. Well now you can switch between these two styles.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Save/Restore settings using an XML file.
  • Change style of the widget’s settings and refresh buttons.
  • Configuration performance improvements.
  • Facebook Messenger conversations were being grouped appropriately in some cases.