Quick Brew Calc 1.2

This app has been pretty well received. We’ve got 6 ratings, putting it at 4.3 stars on Google Play. Most of the reviews are positive and We’ve even received some great feature requests.

One feature request was for folder support in the calculation sets. We liked that idea so much, we went ahead and implemented it for this release. You can now create folders to group sets of calculations.

Here’s all the main stuff in this release:

  • Folder support for calculation sets.
  • Improvements to Google Drive synchronization.
  • The entire app drawer scrolls now, instead of┬áhaving a static header (gotta make room for all those folders).
  • Added an Open Source licenses dialog in the settings.
  • Added a “Rate Quick Brew Calc” link in the drawer. Please write a review!!
  • Fixed the adding of items to the Data Tables (this crashed before).

We’ve cleaned up all the known crashes and bugs. Let us know if we broke something!