Quick Brew Calc has arrived


We’ve released a new app! A long time in the making, this is a labor of love for one member of our team. Obviously we have a homebrewer here.

Quick Brew CalcThis is our first full featured app. The others are all widgets, so we wanted to get this one right. We followed the material design principles pretty tightly so users should feel at home within the app.

Quick Brew Calc uses a card based design with a drawer for UI navigation, and floating action buttons for everyone. Google Drive backup and sync is also on board for the initial release. Customization is something we’re committed to providing in all our apps, so we haven’t left this one out. Quick Brew Calc features easy unit changes and configurable data sources.

The quick calculation design is well suited to brewing and we feel it can be adapted to other fields that have a need for making calculations on the go. But first, our messaging widgets need some love.