Open Group Messaging Beta

We’ve utilized the most standard method available and we’re hopeful that we can at least provide an entry in the widget with quick access to the conversation for most devices.  On many devices, we cannot get the actual received message.

For the technically inclined:

We are using the “content://mms-sms/conversation?simple=true” URI, which seems to have good support across devices, however getting the actual message on some devices, requires querying the “content://mms/part” URI which varies greatly across devices.

Note that this beta is not fast… in fact it’s kinda slow. Turning off the “Include Group Messages” option will speed it back up. This will be fixed prior to any release.

The betas are now available for testing. You must first enable the “Include Group Messages” options. This can be found in the widget’s settings. For the “All Messages Widget” you will have to select the “Settings” button on the “Text Messages (SMS)” item.

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