Messaging Widgets MMS Support

Group messaging obviously would be a nice feature of the SMS Widget and the All Messages Widget. It seems that MMS is not as simple as SMS. There is no standardization in how the MMS data is stored. I believe the only proper way for us to add MMS support is to receive and process all the MMS data. This is less than ideal since that would mean that only new MMS messages would be added to the widget.

We’ve pushed MMS support as a future feature, but now it seems that complete support across all devices may not be feasible. Google is also pushing a new carrier messaging system called RCS that would unify SMS and MMS into one more advanced system.  So it would be nice if that hit all the carriers.

An MMS beta is almost ready that works well on our test devices and should allow for groups messaging support. Hopefully it goes well and this is a feature we can support.