All Messages Widget 2.0

The Messaging Widgets were released 6 months ago. In that time the SMS Widget has been the most popular, followed by the All Messages Widget. The Messaging Widget (WhatsApp) was the third most popular, but it’s been suspended due to alleged trademark infringement. We are still working to get it re-published, but we’re not very optimistic.

The most requested feature… color customization.All Messages Widget

Today we’ve begun a staged roll-out of version 2.0 of all the Messaging Widgets. The
biggest new feature is customization. You can now change:

  • Widget background color
  • Message bubble style
  • Text color
  • Row color

Now you can personalize your widgets. This really shines in the All Messages Widget where each type of message can have it’s own color and style. Of course, all the widgets get these same customization; the Call Log Widget, the SMS Widget and the three Messaging Widgets.

The second feature of version 2.0 is speed. After a couple rounds of optimization, it’s more than twice as fast to refresh.

A few bug fixes, a few crash fixes and 2.0 is ready.