Messaging Widgets

After plenty of time in beta, the messaging widgets are finally ready for release. I think the app description for the “All Messages Widget” sums it up best.

All your social messages in one place; text messages (SMS), Facebook Messenger*, Google Hangouts*, WhatsApp*, even your call log. It’s all right on your home screen.

Do your friends all use different messaging apps? It’s impossible to get everyone on the same one; now you don’t have to. With the “All Messages Widget” you have a list of all your communication, no matter what app they’re using. Your most recent messages are on your home screen giving you quick access to review and respond to all your conversions.

This widget combines all these message types into one widget. You can also get each type of message in a separate widget with our other apps:

Note that the supported social messaging apps don’t provide an API. This means that this widget needs permission to read your notifications.

There they are. Five new widgets and one to bind them all. The “All Messages Widget” is the most valuable. We’ve been using an alpha, then a beta of this app for many months now and it will become your most used widget.